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At Go Racing Developments we have been involved in the Stock and Supersport classes for over a decade.

To ensure bikes stay competitive in the Supersport 600 class, we have seen costs rising due to engine tuning and refreshing throughout the season.

With new rules for GP2 bikes being announced there was an opportunity for us to create a GP2 bike that would be competitive and at the same time affordable to riders looking to move into the Supersport/GP2 class in the BSB Championship.

The bike would have a race chassis that Moto3 riders were used to and for stock 600 riders looking to move on, the running costs would be cheaper than the Supersport class. The GP2 bike bridges the gap with the chassis feeling more superbike than production for the next big step.


Using a Standard Yamaha R6 engine with a Nova close ratio gearbox and YEC kit ECU has proven to be very reliable and meets the 128hp cap in the rules, with little or no tuning needed.

This has shown to have significant savings over Supersport engines.


Working in partnership with Brian from Chassis Factory, we set out to make a light weight chassis for the new British GP2 class.

One year on, we are now very happy with the results. Having Chassis Factory's commitment to the project has helped keep the costs down. More importantly, the commitment from Chassis Factory to support the chassis and the chassis components at BSB rounds gives piece of mind.

We believe this is important to keep the capital expenditure down (i.e. teams won't need to carry a spare frame and swinging arm with them).


Working closely with K-tech the bike uses KTR4 Superbike forks and 35DDS pro rear shock, and K-tech offering great support at BSB rounds, again helping to keep capital expenditure down.

Brakes and Wheels

Working with Ian from Mode, we found that Oz wheels and Brembo brake systems helped with weight and performance.

Mode are on hand to support the products used on our GP2 bike at BSB meetings.

For all other components

Go Racing will carry spares to BSB meetings.

We have decided to make 5 new complete bikes available for the 2020 season, the same spec as the 2019 model, as ridden by Jamie Perrin and Ross Twyman. We've already sold 2 of these bikes - depending on further interest we may make more bikes available, but only if we feel that the bikes can be fully supported.

The only things not included in the price are some rider preferences for example: thumb brake or data logging.

We would like to thank
for the financial backing - without this, the project wouldn't have got off the ground.
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